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Supplies greenhouse wet curtain fan cooling system for sale

Product Details

The drag coefficient of wet curtain is small, the efficiency of evaporate is high and can bear comparably high flow wind speed. The unit of wet curtain can make more air get through and lower the temperature. The wet curtain system with good maintenance can ensure 75%-80% of cool efficiency year by year. The air get through the greenhouse by the wet curtain will be more fresh, moist and good for plants growing.

The wind machine properly organize the indoor air flow to satisfy different ventile demand. The wind machine ventilation will consume electricity power. The wind machine, pipe and other facilities will occupy some space. The design of ventilation volume for greenhouse wind machine ventilation system is depend on the type of wind machine, pressure and wind volume.

The wet curtain fan system provides a simple, eco and efficient cool channel. The machinery needed is just bump and exhaust blower. Use together with sun shading system, the effect of cooling will be much more better.

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