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Ecological restaurant, facilities horticulture is the integrated use of architecture, landscape architecture, ecology and other related discipline knowledge in planning, design and construction of facilities to control technology, agricultural cultivation and management techniques to maintain the environment of the restaurant, form is given priority to with green landscape plants, vegetables, fruit, flowers, grass, medicine auxiliary plant configuration pattern, combined with rockery, waterfalls, Bridges, bamboo pavilions, such as landscape, omni-directional three-dimensional show green, pleasant dining environment.

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    Ecological greenhouse private dining room

    The Ecological dining room comprehensively using architecture, facility horticulture, ecology and other relatively science technology to plan, design and build. With the facility control technology, agricultural breeding and manage skill to maintain the beautiful environment of the dining room. It becomes a plant configure pattern mainly by green plants, and vegetable, fruit, flower, grass, herbal secondary. It all over shows a green, beautiful and pleasant eating environment.